Sarah Stacey

go from empty… to overflowing



I help people pleasers create healthy loving boundries and find fierce confidence.



hi gorgeous! I'm sarah and i help huge hearted people like you feel less anxious, and unworthy...

and more confident, calm & connected

Are you ready to get EPIC inner strength?

Stop waiting and start creating, the love rich and pleasure filled life you SO deserve!

 I help you break free from “people pleasing prison” so you can…

Come home

Feel calm, safe and "at home" in your mind and body, wherever you are and whoever your with. Get your own personalised homing device which can take you from empty to overflowing in seconds and on the spot.


Create rich, respectful and soulful connections. Improve all your relationships as well as creating an awesome life that looks and feels just like you.


Step up your self worth and step into your net worth. Become the priceless and precious person you know you’re here to be.

identity crisis

Find out who you are when not prioritising other people’s happiness over your own. Make clear, calm and confident decisions based on what you want not what you think you ‘should’ want. 


Assert yourself and speak with authority over your feelings without fear of judgement and confrontation. 


Feel balanced, centred and whole as you move forward towards your goals with a sense of ease and flow.

"I've never felt more loved, accepted and empowered, working with Sarah has been a truly transformational experience. I feel like I've come home to myself after a long long time" - Chris

Random fact:

I'm a diva on the dance floor and have been salsa dancing for 10+ years