Sarah Stacey

I am the perfect cliche,

"I found myself in india"

I an expert on People Pleasing a Coach and a Healer. Here to help you feel deeply connected, highly respected and more overflowing than empty.

5 years ago my new husband and i sold our flat in Surrey to set off for our year long round the world maxi-moon...

10 months... 14 countries and £25k later!

I found myself in a sobbing state of trauma on the bathroom floor of our bedsit in india, crying out to the universe for help...

Cliche #1 White middle class girl meets boy, falls in love, gets married.

I was happy... I had a great job as a Professional Makeup Artist, working with celebs and travelling around the UK helping women feel better about themselves. I had found someone I wanted to settle down and have a family with and we had a lovely place of our own.

After our wedding in 2012 we made the huge decision to quit our day jobs, sell up and buy two 1 way tickets to Mexico, with the plan to come home after a year or so and begin our next chapter.

We arrived in paradise but as the months and countries passed by paradise began to feel more like hell. I looked out over the summit of Maccu Piccu and I knew, it wasn't the only up hill struggle I'd face on this trip as our marriage began to fail.

The cocaine in Bolivia and copious amounts of Malbec in Argentina did a great job of numbing the dread I felt inside.

But looking up at the 3rd wonder of the world and thinking "is that it?" I felt deep guilt run through me. With his giant arms outstretched in surrender Jesus Christ the Redeemer was like "What exactly were you expecting?"

I was expecting to be awed beyond belief like all the other happy couples taking romantic pictures, but I wasn't... I felt nothing. I couldn't see the magic in front of my eyes because I couldn't see the magic in me. Instead I felt worthless, insignificant and unloved.

I started to question what are we actually doing here? What was the purpose of this trip?

Deep down I wanted...

More from my life than to spend the rest of my days settled down in seemingly soulless and sterile suburbia.

More than to work in an industry which champions vanity over values and only fuels competition and comparison between women.

More than being a kept woman or trophy wife with 2.4 children, a white picket fence lifestyle and monotony.

I knew what I didn't want.....But didn't know what I did want.

Well, our newly wedded life turned from sour to toxic and I was 1000's of miles from home, with a man who at the time I didn't even like, let alone love feeling depressed and trapped with no way out.

With an uncertain future ahead of us we reached India, our last stop before heading home. Exhausted from trying to fix us and my mind, body and spirit broken, anxious and in pain I gave myself up to the powers that be and became...

Cliche #2 "I found myself in India

Meet me.png

I didn’t go looking for my soul, but in that moment it found me.

My "Soul searching" begun, my self worth gradually restored and my marriage eventually ended.

I realised all my life I'd been trying to help, fix and change everyone else's lives but my own.

I'd people pleased, I'd conformed and I'd avoided CONFRONTATION all to feel loved and accepted.

I'd gone with everyone elses flow for 29 years and created a life which looked like mine but didn't feel like me.

Cliche #3 I'm my own guru (and so are you)

Since my "awakening" I've visited therapist, after healer, after guru, after coach and spent 10's of thousands more £'s to realise everything I'd always been looking for was in me all along.

  connection    |    intimacy    |    acceptance    |   freedom


I went from...

Empty to overflowing

Victim to Warrior


Cowardly to confident


I gave myself permission to get to know the real me and promised to never compromise my spirit again.

I discovered she's nothing like the me I thought I was! She's non judgemental, complimentary and kind, passionate and playful, bloody beautiful inside and out and crazily creative!

From this place of authenticity MY WHOLE WORLD CHANGED.

I'm unshakeable, confident and free. I've attracted incredible people and relationships and a limitless attitude to life.

I've spent the last 3 years imersed in empowerment, spiritual and personal development study. Travelling, practicing meditation and training in energy work. I've become an entrepreneur, a change maker and trail blazer. 

I pack all my accumulated knowledge from diverse fields into my work to help beautiful people achieve create huge shifts in their lives.

you Don’t have to waste as much time and money as I did, I can help you get through 3 years of transformation in 3 months…If you’re willing!


working together with you


I’d always felt misunderstood in some way, like I never quite fitted in to a mould and like I had so much more to give and now I know why! Sarah’s helped me understand so much about myself and I now feel more confident than I’ve ever felt! I’ve had a major shift and am now looking at life through completely different eyes.
— Liz

random fact:

I’m a flexitarian…I eat what i need