i'm dedicated to helping you go from

"crazy" to calm… & "empty" to overflowing

You deserve a life that loves you as much as you love it. One where you get limitless amounts of love, success and happiness!

I know…

You are capable of being, having and creating absolutely anything you want and you can get it much sooner than you thought possible!

You’re 100% worthy of having it ALL. You do not have to sacrifice one dream in order to make another happen.


You will love the journey, just as much as the destination if you have the right people on your side routing for you.

With my expert help you will get clear on how to escape your people pleasing prison so you can make your dreams a reality sooner rather than later.



You’re ready to put your happiness above all else in order to make exciting & big shifts happen.

You want to attract or create deep and meaningful relationships, with people who help you feel more alive and super inspired…

People who value your precious time and energy as much as you do and who treat you with the respect you deserve.

You want more freedom and time to do the things you love with the people you love.







You’re done with playing small and you’re ready to step up, step out and shine your unique light in the world.

But the truth is you’ve been so preoccupied thinking about everyone else, you’ve forgotten who you are and you feel lost and directionless…

You've reached as far as you can go on your own and what you want now is…

The “missing” piece of your puzzle so you can see your future picture more clearly and have support and guidance while you create it for real.

Secretly behind your super sweet exterior, you’ve got a wickedly wild interior just waiting to be unleashed!

You’ve already worked on your own personal growth and sought friendly or professional support.

You’re strong willed, passionate and driven to create a life which feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside.

You’re enthusiatic, you love to learn and you’re ready to invest a good amount of time energy and finances into building a better future.

You’re decicated and hardworking to creating a soulful, authentic and deeply satisfying life.

You’re conscious about your actions and you want to make a positive impact on the world.


by working with me you get…


Clarity and focus. The life you have always dreamt of is sat there waiting for you to get it.


Get healthy loving boundaries and more time, space and energy to focus on your goals so you can magnetise them to you


Get curious excited about what fun way you’re going to get to your goals who your future self is and start taking immediate steps in their direction.


Unlock your inner kick ass warrior and assert your self clearly and confidently.


Go to practices to keep you calm, connected and deeply nourished from head to toe to keep you moving and flowing forward with the right energy.


I'm 100% committed to helping you feel more inspired than tired and helping you feel less crazy and more calm & connected than ever before.

This is truley transformational work for people who’re serious about living a lit up & love filled life. 


I work closely with a small amount of clients 1:1 and devote a lot of time, energy and love to ensure you get the maximum amount out of our time together. 

To work with me you'll be prepared to radically invest your finances, time and energy into yourself, in order to feel radically different. The first investment required is to fill out the application form, this will help me get a deeper understanding of you, so I can work out if we’re a good match.



I am a results driven transformation coach and I currently offer 6 month programs for women who’re ready to go from “Empty to “Overflowing”

I help you shine a light on the unseen stuff holding you back from sharing more of your spirit with the world.

You get my expert ex-people pleasing eye on your situation and full permission to be unapologetically you during our time together. I'm there to support, hold and empower you while you get confidently back in the drivers seat of life.


You can also work with me 1:1 in Goa or Bali 


Even after the first few sessions with Sarah, she made such a positive change in my life. She made my goals feel reachable and clarified how to get there with a path that felt true to my values and myself. Helping me get to know myself more deeply and really understand my vision and ideas. The impact on both myself and my business has been profound and is an experience I’ll never forget. If you get the chance to work with her, take it!
I worked with Sarah at a time when I was undergoing a big spiritual transition and was feeling overwhelmed and ungrounded. Sarah gave me tools to empower myself which I would never have known existed, she worked with me, week by week in strategic, and deeply grounded yet highly intuitive way. Each week new themes revealed themselves, poking their head up for engagement and healing and she met me wherever I was, with a combination of practical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual/magical guidance. Her light hearted, playful, and deeply intimate demeanour makes her a pleasure to work with. I have learned rituals and techniques which I can use for the rest of my life, and which will change my life forever. I feel strong, beautiful, rooted, and able to fly high. Thank you so much Sarah.
— Carly

random fact:

I currently live between Goa, Bali and Brighton and feel at home everywhere.